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Byte Driver

Drive fast. Hack your enemies. Fight for your life. Survive if you can. · By Vector Hat


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Mouse & Keyboard Controls
Hi all! We're getting pretty close to beta release and (finally) keyboard and mouse controls are here! If you want to try it, please do. And please please plea...
Play-test, Alter, Repeat...
I'm taking the game out into the public and watching people play and making changes to make it better! You know... how you do! Thanks everyone who played. :) As...
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Demo Update (again)
Been doing tons of stuff! Most recently: Player car rotates as it turns Background images pules with background music Just wanted to try it for fun turn off bac...
3 files
Post-Kickstarter Update #1
Stuff that's changed since the Kickstarter Demo: The beginnings of a level system is in: New fancy backgrounds. The game no longer resets after the first checkp...
3 files
I replaced all of the game's sprites with line renders for that super-smooth vector scaling! MMMMMmmmmmm delicious...
3 files
Faster and faster and faster and faster and faster!
Added increasing road grit and camera shake to make it feel like you're going faster and faster and faster and faster and faster! Also added dead simple dynamic...
3 files
More Speed!
Actually same speed, but better vection! ;) Now you FEEL like you're going fast I hope. Also added some feedback when you take a bump and a nifty lightning thin...
3 files
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Why we cant claim it???Can you please make it claimable???Thank you
started by TIMANDROS Sep 01, 2020
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Hello, Why is this game not claimable?
started by PeterLustig2050 Sep 01, 2020
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I purchased the game but do not get any file options from the dropdown menu when choosing to install through the Itch cl...
started by jbeers9 Mar 22, 2020
2 replies