Little-ish Update


  • Frag Bomb Power Up
  • Auto-Cannon Power Up
  • Flashing screen warning


  • Difficulty ramp and music speed ramp adjusted. 
    • Game speed no longer maxes out. Now approaches infinite speed forever. (Math is cool)
    • Music speed DOES max out.
  • Unlock Balls Power Up - Unlocks all locked balls AND spawns 3 new balls at the collecting paddle
  • Flaming Bricks look more flamey.
  • Shield wall reflects Ultraballs and standard Balls but allows Fireballs to pass through.
  • Shield wall bricks look more shieldy.


  • Game should no longer continue to play itself after you get totally shkapanged.
  • Balls should no longer spawn from fireballs and immediately drain.

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Version 3 Apr 14, 2021 33 MB
Version 3 Apr 14, 2021 38 MB
Version 3 Apr 14, 2021

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