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Take a hint.
No really hints are in. This way even if you don't know how to play solitaire you can play Radical Solitaire. But don't worry, you can disable them anytime if y...
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Draw one at a time mode is in. Sticky click option is in. Idling to waste time is out!
Draw one at a time mode is in. Tired of seeing the card you want glide past? Bug fan of clicking? Click away. You can now switch between draw three and draw one...
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Double Click is in!
You asked for it so I did it! You can now double click the cards to put them in top row. How lazy can you get?! Happy time wasting! This should also fix the bug...
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Resolution weirdness fixed (I hope)
Hey slackers. Hopefully this is the last update to this game. There where some issues with scaling and resolution (that primarily effected linux users) that I...
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